Nature Abound

Compass Pointe has partnered with Audubon International and is an Audubon International Gold Signature Community, having preserved more than 870 acres of our scenic coastal Carolina landscape as a sanctuary for native plants and wildlife. This program focuses on applying sound environmental conservation and sustainable development practices while planning, designing, building, and managing a development. The gated community of Compass Pointe is committed to preserving the area’s natural beauty in this distinguished part of North Carolina.

As a member of the program, Compass Pointe has worked with Audubon Environmental to develop a Sustainable Development Master Plan, including a Natural Resource Management Plan to address environmental components that include site assessment, wildlife habitat enhancement and management, waste management, energy efficiency, water quality and conservation, and integrated pest management. In addition, the Audubon International Gold Signature Program ensures that biodiversity, conservation, environmental quality, and sustainable management are built into the project and continue after construction is completed. This ensures that managers apply sustainable resource management practices in the long-term stewardship of the property.

The Gold Signature program involves:

  • Initial site assessment and Ecological Design
  • Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP) – construction and operations manual
  • Implementation of the NRMP
  • Site visits throughout major phases of the project
  • Training and education for construction and operational personnel
  • Onsite Environmental Audit to assess compliance with program and site-specific requirements
  • Certification as an Audubon Signature Sanctuary
  • Long-term management in accordance with Audubon Signature standards