The Perfect Way to Purchase

Step 4 – Find the Perfect Way to Purchase.

There are several options for making your dream come true, and we make it as easy as possible.

With our list of preferred lenders, we can provide many options for you to purchase your home or homesite. Since there are no timeframe restrictions to build on our developer inventory, you can secure your homesite now and build when you’re ready.

Many of our lenders offer great programs and rates for homesite loans, home equity line, construction loans, construction-to-permanent mortgage loans, and conventional mortgages.

Preferred Lenders

Donnie Grooms

South State Bank
Lot Loans, Conventional and Construction Loans
 (910) 509-3930 office
 (910) 523-1883 cell

Leigh Morton

Alpha Mortgage
Lot Loans, Conventional and Construction Loans
 (910) 256-8999 office
 (910) 264-1539 cell

John Szalay

CresCom Bank
Lot Loans, Conventional and Construction Loans
 (910) 726-1504 office
 (888) 988-5821 cell

Bonnie Wallace

Citizens One Home Loans
Conventional and Construction Loans
 (910) 620-2455 office

Jordan Warren

MVB Mortgage
Conventional and Construction Loans
 (910) 591-6157 office

Suzanne West

First Bank
Lot Loans, Conventional and Construction Loans
 (910) 383-3955 office

Construction-To-Permanent Mortgage Loan

You can make building your dream home in the perfect retirement community easy with a Construction-To-Permanent Mortgage Loan. This type of loan is offered by many of our Preferred Lenders and is designed to simplify the borrowing process when building your home.

Some Possible options available may be:

  • Lock in the interest rate when you apply
  • Finance a lot or build on a lot you already own
  • Build a primary residence or vacation home
  • Take advantage of a 12-month construction period
  • Make interest-only payments during construction on funds already disbursed
  • Transition to a fixed or adjustable rate loan as your permanent financing
  • Get a discounted mortgage rate
  • Close once to save time and money
  • Obtain interest-only payment structure during permanent financing
  • Live in your existing home while building your new home

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